So you want to build an app!

Mobile and web apps are a must have in today's world for any business to keep engaged with your customers. Let me do the hard work so you and your customers can reap the rewards. I have experience in working with Android, iOS and Windows Phone module devices. Plus I stay up-to-date with the latest web app technologies and frameworks such as Angular, CakePHP, Ionic Framework, jQuery and Node.js, just to name a few.



Built to work on every device. Our mobile and web apps cater for all screen sizes.


We build a relationship with you, so you can trust us to continue upgrading your apps when needed.


We help you develop a flexible pricing strategy to profit from your app.


Engage with your customers via Push Notifications and automated emails.


Barcode scanners, GPS location tracking, QR Code scanners, product coupons plus many more features to offer your customers.


Include social media in your apps to gain likes and shares plus increase your global reach.

Case Study - kwiklook Online

kwiklook Online is a web app designed to work with the kwiklook Facility Management desktop software. kwiklook Online was originally designed for customers to have an online portal for entering new Maintenance Requests by staff members that did not have access to the full kwiklook Facility Management desktop software. Read more about kwiklook here. Atticus Global was charged with adding new functionality to kwiklook Online while also creating a whole new look and feel. The new functionality included Contractor Management, Online Courses and Inductions, Incident Management, Real-time Staff Tracking and Hazard Management, plus an upgrade to the existing Maintenance Management module. Since completing this major undertaking, kwiklook Online now boasts these benefits:

  • Inductions of thousands and thousands of contractors for it's customers.
  • Allows contractors to manage their own company and staff details including credentials and documentation.
  • Can track staff members in real-time with risk compliance pre-alerting.
  • Allows security staff to enter incident reports & hazards via any web-enabled device while the incident or hazard is taking place.
  • An easy way for maintenance staff to enter, action and complete maintenance jobs while on the job.

An example of the robustness of kwiklook Online comes from a kwiklook customer, Adelaide Oval. Since 2013 Adelaide Oval have used kwiklook Online to manage over 750 contractor companies and induct over 6000 contractors, all without breaking a sweat!

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