Trial + Download.

Use visitor id as a free trial download for 30 days.

You can start using visitor id immediately for free for a 30-day free trial. To continue using visitor id beyond the free trial, you need to purchase a license to cover the computers you use visitor id on.

visitor id is available for x86 (32-bit) architectures but also works on x64 (64-bit) architectures.

Getting Started.

For a visitor id free trial follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that your server fits the system requirements. visitor id is only supported on Windows 7 Pro or higher and equivalent to Professional or Enterprise versions.
  2. Download visitor id to the PC you want to install visitor id on.
  3. Install visitor id on the PC by running the downloaded installer. Administrator privileges are required.
  4. Launch visitor id.
  5. Go through the ‘Configuration Wizard’.
  6. You can now use visitor id free for 30 days. Additional configurations can be made in these 2 windows:
    1. File > Options: These are the global options for visitor id.
    2. File > Workstation Settings: These are the options set per workstation for visitor id.

What's Next.

visitor id comes pre-configured with default data collection options such as 'Company' and 'Mobile Number'. You can customise all the options in visitor id to suit your needs.

visitor id supports peripheral hardware such as a web-camera and DYMO or Brother visitor pass printers. Contact us for help with these hardware options up.

For any further questions and instructions, consult the visitor id manual or knowledgebase. It contains detailed information and discusses most elements of the user interface.

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